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1911 Bourges Gypsum Cement Fireplace Mantel Kit

1911 Bourges Gypsum Cement Fireplace Mantel Kit

Select one of the center panels below to mount over the seam between the left and right halves of the 1911 Kit.

  • Provides superb depth and definition of sculpted details.
  • Timeless, classical, architecturally correct design with all enrichments properly scaled.
  • Installs quickly and easily using Construction Adhesive, screws through pre-drilled holes and Spackling.
  • Made of noncombustible, glass fibre reinforced Gypsum cement.
  • Supplied in 4 pieces: two mantel bases and two mantel halves.
  • 3/8" wide, 7/8" deep rabbet accomodates a stone or tile surround insert.
  • Adjustable for Height and Width during installation using a standard hand saw.
American Panel
English Panel
French Panel
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