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Dear Valued Dealer:

Since 1835, Balmer has been creating architectural and decorative art in gypsum. Balmer’s longevity and reputation proves our commitment and passion toward interior architecture and ongoing interest in dealing with people and companies who appreciate quality in design, products and service.
In recent years Balmer has used its extensive knowledge and experience in the architectural moulding industry to develop a line of mantels that cater to many tastes and economic levels. Painstaking efforts have been taken to ensure the highest quality materials are used to ensure the end user will enjoy their mantel for years to come. Our new procedures bring the installation ease from mason, down to handyman, so not only will you receive superior product, but you will save on installation costs.
Balmer has participated in many prestigious projects through the years and is a company that is built on reputation. We pride ourselves on our reputation of service, which is second to none and we are known to stand behind our product.
We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with your company, and you can be assured of our continued support for the future.

Ron Balmer

Balmer Architectural Mouldings Inc.

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